Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Need for Speed in Kazakhstan

Fast cars, beautiful girls, loud music all this is familiar from films. Furious speed, breaking rules, car roar, fear of passersby all this can be seen on the streets of Kazakhstan cities. Speed for some Almaty drivers is a lifestyle. Fortunately they have a special place to let their energy out.

The sports and entertainment complex Boraldai Motorplex is still the only full-fledged stadium in Almaty used for cars competitions and it is at least some kind of an alternative to illegal street racings. The complex is located near the airport of Burunday village.

The territory is divided into several zones for different driving disciplines: the drag strip (a race course for competitions in drag racing), the track with a variable configuration for competitions in figure driving and drifting and the ground for competitions in car tuning and car audio.

Track-day is held every Friday from 6pm to 11pm. On this day everyone can pay 1,000 tenges (7 dollars) for entry and use the drag strip alone or with a rival.

Drag racing competitions may be organized with practically all sorts of transport, but for professional races, special cars called dragsters are created. A dragster is a very lightweight construction with a powerful motor, but its control details are often very primitive, as competitions are held in a perfectly straight road.

The organizers of races took a serious approach to the matter. All statistics are recorded by the telemetry made by world standards. Traffic lights fix cars at the start. The equipment records the reaction time of a driver who starts and the car speed at the finish. The total road length is 402 meters. The trace record was set here a year ago and it is almost 8 seconds.

The total capacity of the complex is 10,000 people. Usually on Fridays about 1,500-3,000 spectators gather here.

A charismatic man entertains the crowd, he supports the gambling atmosphere, voices results of races and just comments on anything that happens around.

Many people try to compete with cars of the identical class, of the same brand, or at least with equal technical characteristics. Such races are especially attractive for viewers, as only the best driver (not a better car) will win.

breakneck speed, that is not acceptable in the city, is appropriate only here.

Cars of different classes and price categories can participate in the competition.

According to the organizers there were no tragic accidents with deaths. Although light accidents happen from time to time, especially in the drift. Conflicts between people were also not seen as competitions are held under the supervision of security guards. Alcohol and glass are prohibited to bring to the airport.

Now lets meet several fantastic drivers and their awesome cars....

Cheep, 32 years, an interior designer, spent US $15,000 and plans to spend US $25,000 to US $30,000. His car Toyota Supra. Cheep absolutly agrees with such crazy lifestyle and considers it normal. The driver wishes special race grounds to appear in Almaty and advises not to risk on roads.

Anton (B-Fanky), 28 years, works in a road building firm and owns Lexus IS 350 RWD, 2006. He won drag racings several times. Anton likes street racings, but he does not break rules and advises to other drivers to be very attentive.

Yuri, 25, is responsible for planning of ads on the Internet, he is a fan of ring races and of Honda. He thinks that crazy pseudo drivers should be deprived of licences. His car Honda Civic Type R.

Daniil, 21, a sales manager, the champion of Kazakhstan in drag racing in 2010. His tuned car costs about US $50,000. The car Toyota Mr2 sw20 Turbo.

Sergey, 25, the head of IT-department, owns Toyota Supra, spent US $15,000 on car tuning. His advice is to always be adequate and remember about your relatives who are waiting for you at home.

Salima, 24, a purchase specialist, loves speed for an extraordinary sensation of flying, pleasure, fun. The car Mitsubishi Eclipse G2pecialist.

Arslan, 24, a businessman, prefers driving to smoking and drinking and advises not to buy licences, but go to a driving school. The car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7.

Alexander, 22, works in the building business, participates in auto shows or exhibitions and is keen on riding on a sportbike YAMAHA R6. The car BMW M3 E36, 1994.

Vyacheslav, a businessman, a repeated winner of the Red Field couple. He wishes to tune his car in USA, Japan or in Europe. Like other professional drivers, Vyacheslav advises not to hog and learn to drive by yourself. The car Nissan GTR.

Nikolay, 31, is engaged in auto-tuning, he is a member of Autronic Racing Team and a repeated winner of drag racings and likes all types of auto sport. His advice: Dont be the best, be loved! The cars Drag race car AUDI 80 Quattro Turbo and Street Race Audi Coupe Quattro Turbo.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Creative Elevator Advertising

Oreo Elevator Advertisement
The traditional dunk of an Oreo cookie into a glass of milk was dramatized with the use of a panoramic elevator in a shopping mall. This attention-grabbing use of new media gave us one more way to show that Oreo is milk's favorite cookie. 

Achilles Forklift Elevator Advertisement
High Performance.

Science World Elevator Advertisement
Scales were mounted inside commercial and residential elevators allowing riders to test this fact. 

Fiat Punto Elevator Advertisement
Stickers were applied to elevator doors giving the false impression that the doors were not shutting properly, with objective of introducing the Fiat Punto parking sensor. 

Becel Elevator Advertisement
Take action. Love your heart.

Domino's Pizza Elevator Advertisement
Express delivery. In 30 minutes or free.

Jelly Tots Elevator Advertisement

Claro Elevator Advertisement
Clever elevator advertisement promoting Claro cell phones. 

Boecker Pest Control Elevator Advertisement

Fitness Company Elevator Advertisement

Coca Cola Zero Elevator Advertisement

Sport Batel Gym Elevator Advertisement
Control your weight. Get in shape at Sport Batel Gym.

Witness Against Torture Advertisement
More than 90% of Guantanamo detainees are held without charge and in extreme isolation. Help stop the abuse.

Mini Cabrio Elevator Advertisement

D-Link Elevator Advertisement
Creative campaign created for D-Link's new Speed Monster Router. The execution was made interesting by using real rope across the wall between the two elevators. 

Volkswagen Elevator Advertisement

Keep safe distance. Volkswage
n for safety.

Gold's Gym Elevator Advertisement
Stickers showing two muscular arms were pasted outside the lift doors. Another sticker showing the torso of the body builder with arms stretched was pasted on the inside of the lift wall. When the lift door opened, the arms parted and looked as if the man is forcing the door open.

Cloud covered island of Litla Dimun

Litla Dimun is a small island between the islands of Suouroy and Stora Dimun in the Faroe Islands. It is the smallest of the main 18 islands, being less than 100 hectares (250 acres) in area, and is the only uninhabited one. 

The southern third of the island is sheer cliff, with the rest rising to the mountain of Slættirnir, which reaches 414 metres (1,358 ft). The island is only inhabited by feral sheep and seabirds. Getting ashore is difficult, and can be performed only in perfect weather. The cliffs can be climbed with the aid of ropes placed by the owners of the sheep.

Clouds often cover the island and thick snow can also be seen on it during winters.

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