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10 World’s Most Popular and Expensive Colleges

1. Vassar College ($ 51,300)
This college is located in New York and is School Of Medicine And Law. As acceptance rate ranges from 85-88%

2. Washington University in St. Louis ($ 51,329)
As name shows that this college is located in Washington and offers study in 40 majors as arts, science, fine arts, engineering, and business. It is popular among students and is preferred most by many.

3. Trinity College ($ 51,400)
It is also among the pricy colleges and has a firm motto as the college aim is to promote cognitive processes, no discrimination among the students and to develop students in every aspect of life.

4. Wesleyan University ($ 51,432)
This beautiful college is present in beautiful green valley and is offering majors as science and arts. Student capacity is however 2800 students and is known as the second Connecticut school.

5. Columbia University ($ 51,544)
This college offers top class undergraduate programs and ranks as the 8th best college of nation.

6. Johns Hopkins University ($ 51,690)
The 13th best college in nation offers 60 majors in the sciences and arts, education and engineering.

7. George Washington University ($ 51,775)
It is largest university in Washington and is highly priced university. As it offers about 87 majors including international affairs, journalism and science.

8. New York University ($ 51,993)
This pricy university is situated in New York and offers undergraduate programs as nursing, to liberal studies. 

9. Georgetown University ($ 52,161)
This costly college has alumni William Clinton and Antonin Scalia. It also offers several undergraduate programs. Moreover it has also won Big East leading seven men’s basketball titles.

10. Sarah Lawrence College ($ 55,788)
This highest price college is offering several undergraduate programs in unique manner. As with teaching classes are lead to fall into discussions, and various seminars, workshops and supplementary evaluations are conducted by teachers. Thus the quality of education that it offers worth high price.

Fake Plastic Crowds You See In Movies....

There is a company called The Inflatable Crowd Company that was created for Seabiscuit back in 2002. Ever since then, companies have been using these, but you’d never know it. Each torso is dressed and wears a wig. In the movies, they look just like real people. 

You can learn more about this at Inflatable Crowd. I put pictures of these plastic crowds below from the movies American Gangster, Cinderella Man, We Are Marshall, The Changeling and Glory Road.

Gold-Plated Barbecue Grill Is World's Most Expensive

If you have money to burn, this $164,000 gold-plated barbecue-grill made by BeefEater Barbecues should be at the the top of your spending list. Sure, this hand-made Signature Series 6 Burner SL400 looks good has some nice built-in features like a wok burner, warming rack and roasting hood, but will it make your steaks taste better? Probably enough, and the creators of the grill themselves say they made it for people "want to make a statement with their barbecue and have the money to burnĂ¢".

"Why would anyone want to make a statement with their barbecue?", you ask? Maybe because they just got bored of gold phones, gold-plated cars, have eaten enough gold-plated food and need something new to attract attention. 

The one-of-a-kind barbecues is covered with 24 carat gold, except for the actual grilling surface, and was created for the 2008 Sydney Home Show, for an estimated $60,000. Now, the price has gone up to $164,000. 

Punctuation is Powerful!

An English professor wrote the words:
"A woman without her man is nothing"
on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All of the males in the class wrote:
"A woman, without her man, is nothing."

All the females in the class wrote:
"A woman: without her, man is nothing."

Moral: Punctuation is powerful :-)

Maersk Liner - One of the biggest container ship in the World

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