Saturday, 4 August 2012

Amazing Guinness World Records 2012

Lingling Jin broke her own record for the number of hoops in 
the hands of one person. In total there were 105

Paddy Jones – the old salsa dancer – she was 77 years old at 
the time of fixing the record.

The steepest hill is located in Japan, it is called “Takabisha” and it has
a plot in the 43 meters, where the angle of the free fall is 121 degrees.

Thaneshvar Guragan set a record for the duration of the rotation, 
in the Guinness World Records – 30 minutes.

The largest number of dishes on one table – 8146 in the Chinese 
city of Wuhan, during the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Most older twin sister, Maria (left) and Gabriel said they are celebrating
101st year of birth in Belgium.

The world’s largest shirt was 85.74 meters long and 55.13 meters
in width, Nashville, USA.

The world’s largest raft consisted of 1925 canoes and kayaks in Inlet, NY.

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