Friday, 15 February 2013

The 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

The World Photography Organisation just revealed the shortlists for the Professional, Open and Youth categories of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards. 

In a year that saw over 122,000 entries from 170 countries – the highest number of submissions to date – the judges have selected a shortlist of photographs that stood out beyond all others for their impressive high quality, originality and modern appeal.

White-handed Tree Frog by Hudson Garcia

Journey to Jerusalem of Africa by Gali Tibbon

Dubai Aerials by Johannes Heuckeroth

Inside Kabul’s Screens by Danish Siddiqui

Makro Dunyasi by Mehmet Karaca

Game of Colors by Anurag Kumar

Starry Tree by Elmar Akhmetov

Running for Life by Frederick van Heerden

Wasp by John Matzick

Yi Peng Lantern Festival 2012 by Ng Chai Hock

Haweswater Calm by Joe Stockdale

The Godfather by Peter Delaney

Butterfly Magic by Petar Sabol

Action Inside by Markus Reugels

Blue Pond in Hokkaido, Japan

The Blue Pond is located in the left bank of the River Bieigawa, southeast of the town of Biei in Hokkaido, Japan, about 2.5 km northwest from the Platinum hot springs at the foot of Mt. Tokachi. 

The pond gets its name from the unnaturally bright blue hue of its water. With tree stumps protruding from the surface of the water, not unlike Lake Kaindy, the Blue Pond has an ethereal and enchanting appearance.

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