Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Humour: Logical and Legal

A young Law student, having failed his Law exam, goes up to his crusty old professor, who is renowned for his razor-sharp legal mind.

Student: "Sir, do you really understand everything about this subject?"

Professor: "Actually, I probably do. Otherwise I wouldn't be a professor, would I?"

Student: "OK. So I'd like to ask you a question. If you can give me the correct answer, I will accept my marks as they are. If you can't give me the correct answer, however, you'll have to give me an "A".

Professor: "Hmmmm, alright. So what's the question?"

Student: "What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal, and neither logical nor legal? "

The professor wracks his famous brain, but just couldn't crack the answer. Finally he gives up and changes the student's failing mark into an "A" as agreed, and the student goes away, very pleased.

The professor continues to wrack his brain over the question all afternoon, but still can't get the answer. So finally he calls in a group of his brightest students and tells them he has a really, really tough question to answer: "What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal, and neither logical nor legal? "

To the professor's surprise (and embarrassment), all the students immediately raise their hands.

"All right" says the professor, and asks his favourite student to answer.

"It's quite easy, sir" says the student. "You see, you are 75 years old and married to a 30 year old woman, which is legal, but not logical. Your wife has a 22 year old lover, which is logical, but not legal. And your wife's lover failed his exam but you've just given him an "A", which is neither logical nor legal !!"

Professor faints !! :) :) :) 

World Largest Miniature Airport - Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland, with its small-scale model trains and landscapes, is one of Hamburg's biggest tourist attractions. This month, it unveiled its latest addition: the world's largest miniature airport goes into operation following 6 years of development and construction and an investment of $5 million.

The airport is a reproduction of Hamburg's international airport and includes 40 aircraft that take off and land and 90 vehicles that autonomously move around the runways on May 4, 2011 in Hamburg, Germany.

In what must be the world's most intricate and detailed gadget, the model includes realistically crafted and painted airplanes that appear to be landing and taking off, cars, trucks and buses parking and driving around, and lit-up runways that look almost real.

It's part of the Miniatur Wunderland, an astonishing model and tourist attraction that replicates a variety of landscapes and landmarks around the world, and it’s the world's largest model of its kind.

Construction of the Lilliputian world began in 2000, and before this airport was added, the original model took up 16,146 square feet of space with more than 10,000 train cars running around its 6.8 miles of HO-scale track.

The original construction cost $10 million, and plans are in the works to double the size of the layout by 2014.

Miniatur Wunderland Airport

Monday, 30 January 2012

A Cartoon Memorial for Steve Job...











Foam Ocean in Capetown..

The Phenomenon of Ocean Foam - Also called "sea foam" or even "beach foam", the froth on the shoreline forms due to the churning of the water by tides and currents with the impurities, plankton, dead fish, dead plant matter and other organic material floating in the water.

The churning of the water from powerful currents creates bubbles which have a tendency to adhere to each other and are pulled under the surface of the water. Closer to shore, as the wave begins to form the bubbles are pushed upward by the energy in the water and can be seen as foam or froth on the beach. 


Hats off to whoever made this.  This website is amazing.  Select start and destination points, it will show you the way,  by all modes of transport.
The Route with map, to any destination in the world by Air/Bus/Train

Just click on link below and proceed further

Texting on a cell phone at the mall..

Texting at the Mall.......................
Classic Pontiac LeMans owner arrives at Car Show early
in order to get the best display spot.


Then, the next classic car, a '40 Ford shows up
and grabs the second stall..


Next, This Idiot woman plows through, was
actually texting while driving through a mall
parking lot!!!











She was busy Texting and didn't notice the nice
cars on the other side of the curb she was about
to jump - never touched the brake and stayed on
the throttle even after impact.!!!
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