Monday, 2 January 2012

6 Best Facebook Security Tips-Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook has become more than a social network. It has become an important part of the lives of the people of this cyber age. Although this is best social networking service on the planet, there are number of privacy constraints that one need to face while using this service.
You can know more about the Facebook privacy settings to ensure your security on this social network. So, I offer you with some best Facebook security tips that every user should be aware of.

6 Best Facebook Security Tips

Create Friend Lists
What would you do if your boss or senior colleague sends a friend request on Facebook? You cannot add him, neither can you reject it. In such cases, the best way is to create friend lists and manage them accordingly. And the best part is that you can name them whatever you want as they cannot see the name of the list.
And you can add a friend to any number of groups. Click on the Friends button and then click on the Create link in order to create lists. It is a great way to organize your hundreds of friends.

Customize You Profile
Now if you want any particular friend list or people other than friends not to view parts of your profile page, then you can make such settings too.Navigate as, Settings > Privacy Settings > Profile and customize you profile page’s privacy setting the way you want. This is the one of the most important and crucial Facebook security tips.

Delete and Deactivate Facebook Account
The words Delete and Deactivate are as different as they sound. So if you want to Delete your Facebook account, click here and submit the request to get it deleted because when you deactivate your account, Facebook still keeps all your information and data like photos.

Hide Yourself
If you do not want anyone to find you on Facebook when they look to search for you, then click on Privacy and then on Search. And there, click on the drop down button and restrict the search visibility of your Facebook profile.

Manage Applications
In my opinion, this is one Facebook security tip that everyone should be aware of. All the Facebook applications extract information from your profile. So, you must be aware of the apps that you are using. Ensure that you are not using any of the spam app. Navigate toSettings, Application Settings, and use the settings that you want for any respective application. If you want, you can even remove any of the applications.

Secure You Photo Albums
The most important thing that requires your attention in terms of security on Facebook are its photo albums. You have an option to let a particular friend list(s) view any particular photoalbum of yours. And you can hide it for everyone else. When it comes to Privacy, this is one of the best features offered by Facebook.
Other than these 6 Facebook Privacy settings, there are number of things that you need to take care of. Like avoiding interacting with strangers, stay away from weird updates on your wall as they might be spam, and visit you profile whenever you use any of the app to ensure that nothing embarrassing have been published on your wall.

Safe Facebooking!

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