Saturday, 14 January 2012

How To Secure Your Facebook Account

1. One Time Password

I’m not sure whether facebook has rolled out this features to all countries, but this works well in U.S,  if you are about to access your account from any unknown net cafe (Browsing center) or public computer. Just Text “OPT” to  32665 from your mobile, within a minute you will receive a temporary password to access facebook, remember, the one time password will expire within 20 minutes.

To enjoy this facility you need to integrate & get verified your mobile number with your facebook account.

2. Always use HTTPS

Accessing site using https connection will ensure your data as it encrypt the the facebook username and passwords, its tough for hackers to hack your account. Just enable “HTTPS” connection in your account settings.

Account settings > Account security > Enable “secure browsing (https)” & hit save button.

facebook https connection settings

3. Facebook Login Notifications

Login notification is a opt-in features, when your account was accessed by any new device, it will alerts you via email and SMS with the information of the newly accessed computer name, date & time of login.

After enabling this option you will be directed to save the compute or device name that you are accessing right now, so that they can notify you when other device try to access your account.  So don’t “save this device” when you accessing from public computer (browsing center).

Account settings > Account security > Login notifications > “Tick mark” the below settings hit save button.
facebook login notifications

4. Facebook Login Approvals

Its a similar feature like login notification, in this features you will be asked to enter a security password that you will get in your mobile phone every time you login, so facebok allows you to login only if you enter the correct security code otherwise you cannot access your facebook account.

Account settings > Account security > Login Approvals > “Tick mark” the below settings hit save button.


But opt-in to this features is not advisable because it always need your mobile number to access your account, if you lost your mobile or if you forget your mobile phone in your home, then its very difficult to access your account outside. Many times security code (SMS) they send will take much time to reach your  mobile or sometimes it will be lost in air, so you have to try again for it.

5. End Activity

If you forget to sign out of your account when you accessed last time, facebook will save those login information as your own device in their database, if your account accessed by any other device other than the saved device, you will be notified instantly via email or SMS. So try to remove the login device that you accessed from other computer or any public devices.

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