Wednesday, 1 August 2012

High-tech Hotel High Upon The Alps

Teetering a thousand feet above jagged rock faces in the Alps, this is the world's scariest hotel. The white and red metal tube is designed to hold up to 12 weary climbers crossing the deadly Mont Blanc mountain range in Italy. It includes wooden bunk beds, a kitchen, dining room, storage racks and a living room with stunning views over the Fribouze Glacier. 

Engineers from Italian designers Leap Factory made the 250,000 euro structure, which was commissioned by the Italian Alpine Club. It was finished earlier this year and opened for the first time at the end of Spring. Builders then fastened it securely to the rock face using heavy-duty bolts. The 100sq/ft 'bivouac' shelter is 3,000m above sea level and half of it hangs over a terrifying drop. 

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