Friday, 17 February 2012

Some Great Snapshots in 2012

The majestic, and rarely photographed, sandstone formation 'The Wave' is located in the Coyote Buttes of Arizona.

Visitors walk through an illuminated 'ice palace' in Schwarzsee, about 50 kilometres (31.07 miles) west of Bern February 8, 2012. 

A vehicle transporting a body of an earthquake victim tries to pass through a destroyed road in La Libertad, Negros Oriental in central Philippines February 7, 2012. Local media reports said 29 was killed and 71 still missing in a 6.7 magnitude quake that severely hit Negros island on Monday. Picture taken February 7, 2012. 

A flood warning sign starts to disappear below floodwaters near Charleville, about 685 km (426 miles) west of Brisbane February 6, 2012. Thousands of Australians were forced from their homes on Monday because of floods that have risen to record levels in some areas and killed one person, and authorities issued warnings for more than a dozen rivers .

A plane passes the Full moon as it rises over Albert Bridge on February 7, 2012 in London, England. Albert Bridge is said to be one of the most romantic bridges in London, and will be the start point for the flotilla of boats that will make their way along the Thames as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration. 

Residents gather as a whale shark is pulled from the water by cranes after it was found dead at Karachi's fish harbor February 7, 2012. A giant whale shark washed ashore near Karachi fisheries harbor on Tuesday and was sold for 1.7 million PKR ($18,758), local media reported. 

Fireworks explode over the Victoria Harbour to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year in Hong Kong Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012. 

Debris floats around the remains of the stricken container ship Rena as it submerges, about 14 nautical miles (22 km) from Tauranga, on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island January 10, 2012. 

Photographer Andrea Ricordi captured this photo of the Faroe Islands. “The small island with a cap of clouds is called Litla Dimun,” says Ricordi, who saw the photo go viral this week after it was posted online via the social news site, Reddit. 

Michael Davisson, 4, waits by a window as Cameron Park Zoo lion "Sam Jack" gets a closer look at the activities. 

Climber Will Gadd (pictured) and his partner Tim Emmett, recently became the first people to summit the 450 foot Helmcken Falls in Canada. With 20 foot long icicles and temperatures as low as minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit, the falls are considered the world’s most treacherous climb. 

Photographer Sam Dobson captured this amazing arctic white rainbow on a recent trip to the North Pole. The rare white rainbow is actually known as fog bow as it occurs in foggy conditions rather than rainy ones. 

North Koreans attend a mass rally to "carry out the decision of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the joint calls of the Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the WPK and the militant tasks set forth in the joint New Year editorial" at Kim Il-Sung square in Pyongyang January 3, 2012 .

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