Wednesday, 2 May 2012

World's strangest theme parks

BonBon Land
Believe it or not, this is actually a rollercoaster - the Farting Dog Coaster 
to be precise. At Bon Bon Land in Denmark, it's as if the designer has had
a massive sugar overdose and then named the rides. The park is owned by a Danish sweets company with ride names inspired by their toilet humour-loving confectionary.

Dwarf Empire
At the Dwarf Empire amusement park in Yunnan Province, China, 
visitors are invited to enter the land of the little people. Musical shows,
dances and tricks are performed by small staff for hundreds of Chinese
tourists each day.

Angry Birds Theme Park
Based on the popular smartphone game, a new Angry Birds-themed 
section of an amusement park in Finland has opened, but is not yet fully operational.

Who knew you could find the highlights of Europe in one spot? Brussels, 
Belgium, is home to a series of incredible scale models including the Eiffel
Tower and a mini Colosseum. 

Crocosaurus Cove
Located in Darwin, it is dedicated to the fearsome saltwater creature 
and visitors are encouraged to get up close and personal. Try everything 
from fishing for a croc with bait to jumping in "Cage of Death" with 
toothy beasts Houdini or Chopper.

Ferrari World
The world's largest indoor park, Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World theme park
offers over 20 rides and attractions including a ride through the heart of 
a Ferrari engine.

Love Land
Originally created as an attraction for honeymooning couples, Love Land
in South Korea features erotic sculptures which range from the mildly 
disturbing to entirely pornographic poses and giant phalluses.

Holy Land
Park goers at The Holy Land Experience in Orlando get a full sensual
taste of the Biblical land with visitors promised the sights, sounds and even 
tastes of life 2000 years ago.


Hershey Park
Be greeted by giant Hershey's chocolate kisses at the Pennyslvania park 
originally started by the chocolate boss in 1907 as a place for his employees 
to relax.

Stalin World 
Enclosed by barbed wire and with ominous watchtowers, hundreds of 
statues of famous Communist figures adorn Grutas Park - or "Stalin World" 
in Lithuania. 

For lovers of all things Japanese kitsch, a visit to Harmonyland in Japan 
is a dream come true.

Buddha theme park
Vietnam's version of Disneyland, the Buddha theme park features the
Unicorn Palace and Heavenly Palace among others which house rides 
based on the religion's cult figures and animals.

Wunderland Kalkar
Originally meant to be a nuclear power station but never actually 
switched on. It was bought by a Dutch businessman who converted it into
a hotel and theme park with rides such as rollercoasters, flying teacups and 
ferris wheels. It promises to be "radiation free".


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