Tuesday, 13 November 2012

World's Top 10 Chocolate Manufacturers

With chocolate being hailed as the best brain food in one of the recent studies, where it links the country's chocolate consumption and the number of Nobel Prize winners that country has created, here's a list of the top brands that manufacture chocolate. 

Chocolate industries worldwide do a whopping business of USD 83 billion (INR 4,56,500 crores). The sale of chocolate goes up multiple folds during Christmas, New Year and Valentines season.

Company: Kraft Foods Inc.
Net Sale: USD 20 billion 

Company: Mars Inc.

Net Sale: USD 16.2 billion 
Company: Nestle
Net Sale: USD 12.8 billion 

Company: Ferrero SpA Group
Net Sale: USD 9.6 billion 

Company: Hersheys Inc
Net Sale: USD 6.1 billion 

Company: Lindt & Spr√ľngli AG
Net Sale: USD 2.8 billion 

Company: August Storck
Net Sale: USD 2.2 billion 

Company: Godiva Chocolatier (Yildiz Holding)
Net Sale: USD 2.1 billion 

Company: Meiji Co.
Net Sale: USD 1.8 billion 

Company: Arcor Group
Net Sale: USD 1.7 billion

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