Thursday, 8 September 2011

Some Nice Lines...

1. Fundamentals of cool life -:Walk,like u r the King Or Walk like u don't care,who is the King...
                                                              That's Attitude...Enjoy Life

2. Beautiful Saying -:'If U never thank GOD after every smile.....Then U have no rights to blame him for every tear...!!!

3. Cute Saying -:True Friendship is all about hearing ur friend's exact tone of voice even when u go through their text messages..!!!

4. There is only one thing that makes a Dream Impossible to Achieve:'The fear of Failure'

5. Question to think -:Every LITTLE thing MATTERS,but if it matters,is it REALLY little???  

6. "CRUSHES" would be a lot less fun If u don't have "BEST FRIENDS" to talk about Them..

7. "A Mountain is not higher than our confidence because it will be under our feet,when we reach the top..."

8. Do whatever makes you feel Good and always use Good words to make others feel Good..

9. When we have a POSITIVE approach towards LIFE, Our mistakes becomes our GREATEST Learning Experience...

10. The world's happiest friends never have the same nature.. , They just have the best "understanding of their difference..."

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