Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Space Station's new hi-tech 'Nightpod' camera!

An astronaut on the International Space Station has designed a 'tripod' for taking spectacular night-time pictures of Earth - quite a technical feat when you're on board an orbiting craft that moves at more than four miles a second.

Andre Kuipers installed 'Nightpod' - a motorised camera that compensates for the hurtling speeds of the ISS, by tracking points on Earth's surface. The results are some of the most spectacular pictures ever taken from space. 

Moonset, captured by ESA astronaut, Andrei Kuipers 

Europe at night, as seen from 250 miles up

Down under, from very high up: Christchurch, New Zealand.

UK and Ireland by night.

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian East Coast captured by ESA astronaut Andre Kuipers.

The Palm and The World Islands in Dubai

The city of London, surrounded by the glow of the M25

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