Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Top 10 Android Games

Being on the move with a smartphone has made it obvious that we need some form of entertainment – befitting that of such a device. There has been a flurry of activity among game developers trying to churn out game after game to please the users. Let’s take a look at 10 games that really made it mainstream. 

1. Angry Birds

This franchisee needs no introduction. Rovio has struck a jackpot 
with the introduction of Angry Birds. Be it Angry Birds Rio or Angry
Birds Space, this game will never leave you unoccupied. Go do your bit 
in helping the birds win the war against the pigs!

2. Temple Run

This game defines addiction. After a long wait, the Android version 
of this immensely popular game is finally out. Run, turn, jump and slide
– all with a swipe, to avoid getting caught. Collect power ups, coins and characters; all with a single aim – to keep running for as long as you can.

3. Draw Something

This is the latest addition to the list of Android games that has gone
viral within a few days of its launch. It is undoubtedly the most popular 
drawing-and-guessing game available for Android. Play with your Twitter
or Facebook friends; or you can opt to be automatically partnered with
other online gamers.

4. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

The latest version of the Asphalt series is undoubtedly the best on 
the Android platform. A great selection of cars, challenging driving 
controls and a good variety of locations make this a must have game
for all racing lovers. Add HD graphics to the package, and your mind 
will be blown away by this thrilling game.

5. Grand Theft Auto III
Rockstar Release GTA III : 10th Anniversary for iOS and Android on December 15

Apparently having spent hours playing GTA on our desktops wasn’t 
enough. One of the most gripping games of all time has now made its 
way to the Android universe. As a part of its 10 th anniversary celebration, Rockstar Games has brought Liberty City at your fingertips. The usual, 
dark storyline with HD quality graphics, make sure you have your charger
with you at all times.

6. Drag Racing

This is one genre of racing which will never get old. Realistic controls,
50+ cars and millions of online players make this one addictive game. 
Win races, tune and customize car with the winning money, after racing
over a quarter mile, half mile or a full mile. 

7. Fruit Ninja

Try out your Ninja skills on the most unlikely opponent of all – fruits!
Fruit Ninja is an excellent alternative to while away your time. With 
different modes of game play, rest assured that this is one game you 
will not get bored of.

8. Sonic CD

Sega is back with its timeless classic. Sonic the hedgehog now runs at 
the command of your touch screen. Released last December for Android, 
Sega leaves the mission of saving the Time Stones from the evil of Dr Egghead. 
It uses on-screen controls, to maintain the classic style of game play in the olden days.

9. Shadowgun

This is a third person shooter game. It brings excellent graphics and 
game play to Android users. The graphics are the real show stealers, 
comparable to those found on handheld consoles. The game packs a 
real punch under the visually appealing exterior – a solid action game. 
The game represents a new step in mobile gaming.

10. Doodle Jump

Insane addiction is what the Doodler spreads as he jumps from one
level to another. Springs, jet packs and balls will aid you on your tiring
quest to the top, as you look to avoid the bad guys on the way.


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