Sunday, 28 October 2012

Easter Islands Mystery Statues Once Walked

The mysterious stone statues of Easter Island once walked, according to a controversial new theory. 

The nature of the statues placement is one of the great mysteries of the modern world. There are almost 1000 statutes, known as moai, on the remote Polynesian island. They weigh up to 74 tonnes and measure up to 10 metres tall, and the method of their movement from the quarries where they were carved to their positions up to 800 years ago has been the source of much debate.

California State University archaeologist Carl Lipo has claimed the previously- believed theory that they were rolled into place using logs was not supported. Instead, his study suggests they were walked into place by rocking them from side to side.

Professor Lipo said the broken and incomplete statues leaned forward in a posture that was not consistent with horizontal transport.

The university's research team used a replica to demonstrate how the statues were walked into position. 

Moai Heads on a Hillside.

Krevor Tourist Stop.

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