Monday, 22 October 2012

The Largest Plane In the World: An 225

An-225 “Mriya” made in Ukraine is the biggest plane in the world. And there is only one plane like this. The An-225 was employed as the prime method of transporting the Buran Shuttle. So its lifting capacity had to be not less than 250 tons.

The first commercial flight was performed by the An-225 in May, 1990. The tractor T-800 with weight more than 100 tons was delivered from Chelyabinsk to Yakutia. 

General characteristics:
Crew: 6
Length: 84 m (275 ft 7 in)
Wingspan: 88.4 m (290 ft 0 in)
Height: 18.1 m (59 ft 5 in)
Wing area: 905 m2 (9,740 sq ft)
Aspect ratio: 8.6
Empty weight: 285,000 kg (628,317 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 640,000 kg (1,410,958 lb)
Fuel capacity: 300000 kg
Cargo hold – volume 1,300m3, length 43.35m, width 6.4m, height 4.4m

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