Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Paradise that is Thailand

Thailand is a country located in a peninsula of Southeast Asia. It is considered to be a kingdom, both from a political and geographic point of view: a constitutional monarch with absolutely stunning landscapes, flora and fauna. The North of the country has a mountainous area, the centre is dominated by a river valley which runs into the Gulf of Thailand and to the West and East Thailand enjoys the gorgeous views of seas and oceans. In the past years, the tourism developed a lot, more and more people choosing this as a holiday destination.

But just like every great thing has a downside, Thailand is no exception. It also becomes increasingly famous for the cheap sex people can buy, prostitution and, of course, the “lady boys” Thailand provides. Depending on one’s interest, this country can provide almost everything: from pure wild nature, to the dazzling skyscrapers in Bangkok, an exotic culture and a special civilization, attraction of all sorts, festivals, etc.

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