Monday, 22 October 2012

The Bubble man

Samsam Bubbleman is a professional bubble-maker and quite used to blowing bubbles and breaking records.The self-dubbed Bubbleologist, whose real name is Sam Heath, has broken his seventh Guinness World Record - this time for the most amount of bubbles in a bubble.

The latest achievement means he has broken one of his own records yet again but this time he managed to fit 56 bubbles into a bubble.In 2006 he first broke the record by getting 49 bubbles into a bubble. He has also holds the record for the most people in a bubble and managed to cram 19 into a bubble in 2006. 

Secret: Samsam Bubbleman refuses to reveal what goes into
the secret bubble formula.

Willy Wonka of Bubbles: Samsam creates a whopper of 
a bubble while out on London's Primrose Hill.

Record holder: Samsam is the holder of seven Guinness 
World Records.

Bubble epiphany: Samsam said he first realised his love of 
bubbles while watching one gently blowing in the breeze in 1989.

Pop: Samsam Bubbleman is the world record holder for the most 
bubbles in a bubble - 56.

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